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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The AD-3253/3253B uses ultrasonic waves to determine the thickness of a wide variety of solid objects from metals to plastics.


Ultrasonic Pulse Reflection System

Dual Probe Method

Sampling Rate

4 times/second


Liquid Crystal Display

Frequency Range

5 Mhz


0.1 mm/0.005 inches (depending on sample's surface condition)

Operating Temperature

0 degrees- 50 degrees C

Accuracy (mm/%/Thickness Range (TR))

AD 3253B



±0.1mm/±0.5%/>0.8mm<40 mm±0.1 ±0.1mm/±1.5%/<100 mm


Thickness Range



2.0 -200.0 mm/0.08 - 8 inches
0.8 - 100.00 mm/0.035 - 4 inches

Number of Measurements

Normal Mode
High Speed Mode


Approx. 2 readings/second
Approx. 15 readings/second


Compact and Lightweight

Only 180g

Easy to Operate

Calibrate the AD-3253/3253B to the material to be tested, place the probe on the material and the AD-5253 displays the thickness.

Sonic Velocity Stored in Memory

Entered using the "< and >" keys. When a new entry is made, it overwrites the old one.

Low Battery Indicator

Indicator appears when battery charge is low; operator has one hour of operation remaining before requiring a new battery.

Determine Unknown Sonic Velocities

Calibrate the AD-3253 against a known test block and place probe on sample material of the same thickness. One button sets the unit to the proper thickness and the AD-3253 Automaticlly enters the correct sonic velocity.